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Foliar Spray– Spray on leaves (including underside) and soil around plants. At least twice a week for best results.
Soil Drench – At least once a week for best results.
Dilution ratio for Concentrate:
Dilute 3 capfuls to 1L of water for smaller plants & vegetables.
Dilute 6 capfuls to 1 L of water for larger shrubs & trees.
For best results, use in combination with CompostGOLD.
Apply at least once a week for optimal results if used as soil drench. At least twice a week for foliar spray.
“Prevention is better than cure.” This is true for plants too. Hence, Bio-Organic Plant Roids promote resistance and protection from pest and diseases. They also boost and strengthen plant immunity. Used as a foliar spray, pests can also be repelled. However, just as vaccines cannot 100% prevent illness, should pest infestation still arise, use FlowerPower’s upcoming natural pesticides to eradicate pests safely.
GrowMAX boosts plant growth with our special Bio-Organic Synergistic formula, resulting in vigorous growth. Soil quality and adequate sunlight are also important factors. For plants requiring well-draining soil, use GoldMix premium soil mix for best results.
Bio-Organic Plant Roids cannot revive completely dead plants. However, with GrowMAX, an unhealthy plant can recover by boosting its immunity and allowing optimal nutrient absorption.
Dilute ready-to-use GrowMAX even further for application to cuttings, seedlings, and other delicate plants. GrowMAX is generally formulated for more mature plants (plant past seedling/rooting stage).
FruitMAX should not be sprayed on cut flowers. Cut flowers require a sugar source and biocide to increase longevity.
Absolutely! FruitMAX not only promotes faster flowering but also encourages larger and more blooms. Certain plant hormones and nutrients in FruitMAX can also enrich the color of the flowers making them more beautiful and vibrant.
Certainly, we have done tests on many types of plants – both edibles & ornamentals – and we still test every single batch of product before sales to ensure quality & effectiveness. Ongoing trials are also being conducted in collaboration with ITE’s Landscape Services Department.
Bio-Organic Plant Roids are suitable for use in all climates. However it is not advisable to apply during winter season as most plants enter dormancy in that period.
With all forms of nutrition, moderation is key. Although Bio-Organic Plant Roids are generally safe even with a little overdosage, excessive usage can lead to an unhealthy accumulation of nutrients in the soil which may lead to yellowing of leaves.
Please use in line with recommended dilution and frequency. Bio-Organic Plant Roids are potent stuff.
Bio-Organic Plant Roids can be safely used with other products. However, using in combination with another fertiliser can lead to overdosage if not properly monitored. Also, synthetic chemical pesticides tend to diminish the effectiveness of these products, so use the chemicals sparingly or opt for chemical-free alternatives such FlowerPower’s upcoming natural pesticides.
There are many types of hydroponics systems. Bio-Organic Plant Roids work best with Flood-&-Drain types as well as NFT systems. Use as a foliar spray for better results.
FruitMAX has a sweet, fruity scent. GrowMAX is strong-smelling due to its powerful nitrogen-rich formulation, however the scent dissipates quickly thanks to certain soil probiotics in our Bio-Organic Synergistic formula. (Wearing plastic gloves is recommended when handling the product.)
Bio-Organic Plant Roids contain no artificial added aromas nor do they undergo commercial de-odorizing processes(which actually diminish the effectiveness of the product).
It is safe for use but NOT edible. Plastic gloves are recommended when handling product. As warned, the concentrates are especially potent.
Early mornings or late evenings are the best times for application. However, avoid spraying leaves at night as the plants’ pores will be closed and it will be less efficient in absorbing the nutrients.
It is all-natural and chemical-free. However it is highly advisable to wash exposed skin areas with soap and water as the beneficial soil microbes and plant enzymes can have adverse effects on sensitive skin.
Also, remember to wear gloves!
Bio-Organic Plant Roids generally leave no residue. However it is good practice to wipe off any spillage quickly.
YES! FlowerPower’s bottles are made of 100% HDPE which is recyclable AND reusable. Empty bottles can be returned to our collection point at ITE College East where they will be responsibly reused, recycled or repurposed. Be GREEN!
Bio-Organic Plant Roids revitalize soil health and plant health, promoting biodiversity. It is also manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Every 1L of GrowMAX or FruitMAX used reduces about 1kg of waste!
GrowMAX: All leafy plants, vegetables, shrubs, trees and even succulents.
Examples include spinach, kang kong, moringa, pandan, monstera and more!
FruitMAX: All flowering and fruit plants, shrubs, trees.
Examples include papaya, banana, tomato, bougainvillea, hibiscus and more!
Results should be evident within 2 weeks of use, although it depends on the nature of some plants(for example flowering/fruit plants that are seasonal or only start flowering at a certain age).
Gently cut off the most visibly infected/infested leaves for best results on sick plants. Use Bio-Organic Plant Roids to boost immunity and facilitate recovery while applying FlowerPower’s natural pesticides for pest-infested plants.
Avoid foliar spraying before rainfall to prevent washaway. If it rains on plants within 12hours after spraying on leaves, a follow-up spray is recommended. Avoid spraying on flowers as it may deter pollinators.