Flower Power

Good for soil

Organic plant extracts & beneficial microbes boost the microflora in the soil, enriching it with nutrients & life.

Good for people

More, bigger & tastier nutrient-dense food enable a healthy body & mind.

Good for plants

Enhanced immunity from healthy soil & a multitude of valuable nutrients help the plants grow to their fullest potential.

Many commercially available gardening products contain harmful chemicals, which deplete the soil of essential microbial life, creating instability in the natural environment which is crucial to the vitality of plants.

Some of these practices even endanger one’s health!

In addition, waste management has been an area of increasing concern. Singapore discards 900 million kg of plastic waste every year. Only 4% of this is recycled. Also in 2019 alone, 744 million kg of food waste was generated.


Through our secret formula and blend of organic plant extracts, kelp, beneficial soil microbes & other special ingredients, created over years of experimentation as well as through trials conducted in collaboration with the ITE East College, we all can nurture our plants with the very best whilst taking pride in building a cleaner, greener environment to enjoy a sustainable future.

Even better, by growing organically, the food is really good for our health. 

We can ensure that harmful chemicals and other toxins do not get into our food and this can possibly reduce the incidence of chronic illnesses, saving us massive healthcare bills & giving us the good quality of life we all aim for.