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Many parents are unaware of the usefulness of exposing their children to Speech and Drama.

Speech and Drama can pave the way for children to learn effective oral communication skills, develop self-confidence, emotional expression and spark interest in the language.

Here at Flower Power Centre for Creativity, we open up opportunities for our students to voluntarily participate in our regular skits that are fashioned after the Story of the Week.

Slowly but surely, they gain confidence and begin to articulate clearly and effectively. This is an extremely important quality of a leader and an effective team player. The opportunities in our lessons will hone their communication and presentation skills, which will develop their leadership potential.

Their creative energies are also unleashed as they figure out how to portray certain scenes with limited props. Through the experiences, their inter-personal as well as teamwork skills develop.

Empathy is also nurtured as the exposure to different characters from a wide spread of stories would allow your child to get a deeper understanding of the situations these different characters encounter. By learning to express themselves through our skits, they are highly engaged in the range of emotions we portray through our stories. It gives them a first-hand experience of how the characters feel by putting themselves in the shoes of the characters they play. These serve as opportunities for the child to develop the ability to empathise, which is a key relationship skill.

Speech and Drama also enables the children to better remember exciting plot-lines, effective descriptions as well as the story-writing techniques by immersing themselves into the stories as they unfold.


Whether the child is more of an audio, visual or kinesthetic learner, our speech and skit component empowers them all.


The earlier your child gains all these skills, the more likely they will stay with him or her for life. Thus, it is highly advantageous to learn creative writing for primary school through our lessons, where we inspire and inculcate far beyond writing techniques. To gain this advantage, sign up for a free trial in our creative writing class now!

By TeamĀ @ Flower Power

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