Solid Sprouts (Pri 1-2)
Blooming Buds (Pri 3-4)
Bold Blossoms (Pri 5)
Mighty Oaks (Pri6)

Every lesson includes


Speech and Skit

Build Confidence. Boost Retention. Have Fun Learning!

Writing Techniques

Master more than 15 Techniques

Creativity Tools

Develop a Creativity Mindset

EQ & Character Building

Build Emotional Intelligence & Character Qualities.

Every lesson includes


Serious Fun!

Learning should be Fun! Through creative humour, we aim to bring smiles and laughs to your child every lesson.

Making Stories Come Alive!

Through Speech and Drama, Videos, Images and other tools, we help students visualise what they are learning.


We believe in every child’s potential. We endeavour to bring sunshine to their lives and encourage growth.

Small Group Size

With a class size of just 6-8 students, we pay close attention to every child’s development and ensure no-one is left behind.

Mastery of Techniques

While memorisation is still needed, we focus a lot on Writing Techniques. In addition, we impart skills and qualities derived from our other programmes. After all, the long-term success of our children lies not in academic grades, but really their ability to be lifelong learners, to communicate effectively, be creative and to have the EQ and CQ.

Together, our programmes form a rock solid foundation for your child’s success, both academically and in life.

Other Programmes


Learning is the most important skill of the 21st C. With the 10 Techniques taught, our workshops will help all learn faster, deeper and smarter.

Character Qualities are one of the most neglected aspects of a child’s development today. Yet, determination, diligence, kindness, gratefulness and more are the keys to long-term success in life. This 4D stay-out “camp” will build these qualities in their hearts, minds and hands.

Creativity can be taught systematically through a set of tools, and a creativity mindset or culture should be inculcated from young. These regular workshops will help students master 10 creativity tools and be confident and enthusiastic about doing different things and doing things differently.

The techniques taught are practical and useful. The programme was interactive and engaging, with many activities that allowed me to pit the techniques into practice. I realised I was only doing 3 of the many techniques taught. Now, I am not only studying better but also smarter!

Joshua Chan, Commonwealth Secondary School

The programme has given me a clearer view on what exactly studying smart is. It has also helped me identify areas of improvement and hopefully I will be more effective and efficient going forward. I want to incorporate the techniques make learning effective and fun.

Tang Yi Qian, SMU